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Seventh Judgment

[[Private, difficult to hack]]

Blast! I spent all weekend scouring the town, and I couldn't find my target anywhere! It figures that the one being here whose "death" I have no qualms whatsoever about carrying out -- after all, a robot can be repaired -- is nowhere to be seen!

I suppose I shouldn't worry for the time being, though. Nothing has happened to me for failing. Though that doesn't mean something won't happen in the future.


Is everyone accounted for?

Sixth Judgment

Well, it's certainly nice to be back in familiar clothes again. And they were even gracious enough to leave the shoulder pack untouched.

[[Marco is currently wearing his X-Laws uniform right now. His shoulder pack, for those who are curious, holds ammunition for his gun (which he doesn't have yet) and a few spare sets of glasses.

Fifth Judgment

...Mother's Day...

[[Marco can be found sitting on his porch, a large plate of pasta in his hands. He tried to recreate his mother's recipe, but failed. It's still plenty edible, though.]]

Fourth Judgment

It doesn't seem like I'll be able to escape any time soon, so I went out and took a job as a mechanic. Though today, they acted like I'd worked that job since graduating high school! I don't know why I get surprised any more. After what happened last week, I need to be ready to expect anything. At least there were no fatalities.

Now...it's only a matter of time...I'm sure there will be plenty of 1930s cars coming in for work before long...

Third Judgment

Rrgh! So these drones want a piece of me, do they? While it would be simpler if this hell hadn't stolen Michael from me, I can handle myself unarmed just fine!

EVERYONE! Stick together for now! If we can stay in groups and watch each other's backs, our chances of surviving this will be almost certain!

...I said, GET OFF ME!

*Marco punches an NPC that had latched to his arm off of him and follows up with a kick to the side of the head*

Second Judgment

I am not happy. Not one bit.

For the past 24 hours, I have been shuffled around against my will every two hours. If anybody knows what's going on, I demand an explanation!

In the meantime, I'd better see who I'm with this time...

First Judgment

[[NOTE: This is backdated to before the event.]]

...Huh? That's odd. I don't remember ever going to sleep. The last thing I can remember was--

Wait! This isn't the Continent of Mu! And where's everybody else?! Lady Maiden, Lyserg, Yoh...Hao?!

...Could that have...was it just a dream I had? ...No. This isn't my cabin on the X-Ship, either.

Wait...pictures...? What is--

Is that...me? What is this? Who are these other people?! I don't remember these people ever being in my --

HAO! This is one of your rotten schemes, isn't it?! Well, don't expect to get away with it! When I find you, you will find yourself on the receiving end of my judgment!